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At Smith Specialized Logistics, we have a network of thousands of proven carriers. We are actively involved with the carriers from the moment the load is booked up until the load is delivered and completed.

Looking to become a carrier with Smith Specialized Logistics? Finding trustworthy brokers can be difficult at times. Read the reviews below from longstanding carriers we have partnered with.

Benefits of becoming a partner with Smith Specialized Logistics


Carrier pay rate of 20 days


Freight of all sizes


In house, 24/7 dispatch team

New Carrier Registration

Thank you for choosing to become a carrier with Smith Specialized Logistics. We truly appreciate the work carriers put in and cannot thank them enough. To onboard & begin the new carrier registration process, please download the packet below and return a completed copy to

To expedite the onboarding process we recommend that you have

  • Copy of your Cargo Certificate
  • Copy of your Liability Insurance Certificate – Showing Smith Specialized Logistics as certified holder from your insurance company
  • Copy of your w-9

With any questions or issues, do not hesitate to contact our office at 281-259-7311 x 3 or email