E Building

120,000 lbs60′16′16’8″

May 8, 2014
Houston, TX to Houston, TX (Manchester Terminal)

Smith Specialized solves another big problem. The building was originally loaded on a trailer that could not move it safely and securely, and it was damaged in transit. After repairs, and another attempt on the wrong equipment, we were called in to provide a solution. The location of the building presented height and routing issues that we were able to see right away. After sitting for weeks, once Smith Specialized was called in, we had the right trailer there within an hour and the building was moved to the port, not only safely and securely, but also on the last day possible for the customer. A high pole escort is not always required in the state of Texas, but we like to do things the right way, not necessarily just the required way. We prefer not to roll the dice with overpass clearances, so we made the call to escort this load for safety reasons.