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Since 2007, Smith Specialized Logistics, a division of R.E. Smith Enterprises, Inc. has been setting the standard in oversized, overweight, and specialized transportation. We primarily serve the oil, mining, gas processing, power generation and wind energy industries, operating in all 48 states, as well as Canada and Mexico.

We have experience moving oversized freight, including:


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As a non-asset based company, we are able to offer various options and alternatives dependant on your specific logistical needs. Other companies want to fit your cargo on their equipment, whether its the right equipment or not. Smith has the flexibility, and the knowledge and experience, to match your cargo to the right equipment available through our network of proven specialized carriers.

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[av_iconlist_item title=’Evaluation’ link=” linktarget=” linkelement=” icon=’ue81c’ font=’entypo-fontello’]The first question we ask ourselves when presented with any project is can it be done? Then, what are the possible routes? Then, which configuration and trailer options can be used? The answers to these questions will determine the degree of difficulty and the amount of planning needed to execute.

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Careful planning and attention to all the details is at the core of any Smith Specialized project. We handle feasibility studies, route approval, and permitting with all necessary government entities. Every state, and sometimes city, has their own rules and regulations based on the size and weight of loads. With our experience and knowledge of these guidelines, we are able to create solutions for projects that other companies say can’t be done.
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We are actively involved while all loads are being transported. Smith Specialized remains in constant contact with our carriers and any other government or utility entity involved in the project. Our attention during the evaluation and planning phase allows us to execute the most difficult of loads without surprises.

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